The Milton Keynes Dental Implant Centre offers

Dental Implant Retained Dentures


The main reason patients come to us for implants is because they can't tolerate their dentures.

Patients then have two main options

1. To replace the denture altogether
with Implant retained crowns and/or bridges.

2. To make their denture more useable.

For many patients, specially with either no teeth or very few, the first option is either unaffordable or unattainable.

The vast majority of patients fit into the second group and we can offer them options that are good and affordable.

Full removable dentures can be an everyday pain in the neck. It makes normal chewing impossible, you cannot enjoy the taste of food due to its palatal plate.

Heat and cold sensations also get worse, moreover, it keeps moving which is really annoying. You can never get used to these inconveniences.

Neither denture adhesives work out: it is a real chore to clean that sticky material and it does not last too long...

More importantly, gum recession makes its yearly reline necessary, to keep its position in the mouth.

Modern Solution:

Over-Dentures Combined With Dental Implants

Denture Stabilisation with Dental Implants

You would not believe how much better you could use your dentures if they were stabilised with implants, even two or four of them.

This totally puts an end to denture movements. No need to use denture adhesives, no need for palatal plate, like in case of conventional dentures.

Thus, your taste, heat and cold sensations will improve. You wil be able to chew just as before losing your own teeth.

You are recommended this solution if you would like a good, yet economic solution for stabilising your conventional removable dentures.

There are two main options Implant Retained Dentures. The Removable dentures maybe supported by 2 or 4 implants.

1. Dentures with ball (push-button) and locator attachments

2. Bar-retained overdentures: with the insertion of 4 implants

Push-Button-retained overdentures

These are done with the insertion of 2 implants.

The Locators

Lower denture with ball attachment (push-button)

. Upper denture with locator attachment

This solution is suited for patients who have some residual ridge and the looseness of the denture is minimal

Where there is less ridge then the Bar Retained Denture is advised

But the choice will be made based on the extent of the improvement required and the patients budget

Bar-retained overdentures

These are done with the insertion of 4 implants.

Bar-retained denture, upper

Bar-retained denture, lower

Implant bar Bar-retained denture (bar cannot be seen)

Bar-retained denture, upper, no palatal plate

What are Same Day Teeth with Dental Implants (All on 4)?

Click on image above to find out more about "All On 4's"

Dental Implant Fees

We offer an affordable way to have Dental Implants

Implant TypeFee FromFee Average
Single Implant £1000£1250
Single Implant with Ceramic restoration £1950£2000
Two single implants (Pricing assumes same day procedures and same arch) £3700£3800
Three single implants (Pricing assumes same day procedures) £5100£5200
One implant supporting small bridge (2 teeth) £3000£3250
Two implants supporting small bridge (3 teeth) £4000£4250
Three implants supporting a large bridge (5 teeth) £5500£6000
Complete arch five or six implants + 10 unit bridge)7000£7500
2 implants and a full lower denture £2000 + Denture£2400 + Denture
4 implants and a full lower denture £4400 + Denture£4400 + Denture
Sinus Lift (Small)£700£775
Sinus Lift (Medium) £950£975
Sinus Lift (Large/Extensive) £1200£1275
Bone Grafting/Augmentation at time of placing implant £300£350
Bone Grafting/Augmentation as a separate procedure £300£350
Collagen Membrane £100£100
All prices for Dental Implants include implant, abutment and tooth restoration unless stated otherwise. All prices for Dental Implants include implant, abutment and tooth restoration. In cases involving Implant Retained Dentures the cost of the denture is extra but depending on the number of teeth from £500 to £1000 extra.

We believe in being transparent about costs so we charge £1950 for the implant, including the crown. If there is any additional charge, for example for a bone graft, then that will be billed as a separate item, and included in your treatment plan.