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Implant Consultation at The Milton Keynes Dental Implants Practice

This first visit is a consultation and full dental examination including cancer screen. We always encourge patients to bring a family member or friend along.

At the end of this visit we will give you a written treatment plan for

1. The proposed implants including options and choices

2. Any other dental treatment that is required prior to having the implants.

We will also give you copies of any xrays that have been taken

We will go through the treatment plans with you and answer any questions you may have.

We then encourage you to go home and have a good think and perhaps do some online research.

We usually give patients some extra literature to take home and read, including a consent form.

Charges for Implant Consultation at
The Milton Keynes Dental Implants Clinic

£25 for the examination + the cost of any Xrays
For patients seeing
Dr Jaime De Castro Torres
Dr Alvaro (George) De Castro Torres.
Dr Ezgi Cilingir

Free Examination for any of our patients who have had a Full Dental examination in the previous 12 months (Jaime, George and Ezgi.)

£65 for the examination + the cost of any Xrays
For patients seeing
Dr Aaron Lopez (Specialist Periodontist)
Dr Iyad Abou-Rabii (Practice Limited to Oral Surgery and Dental Implants

Costs associated with Consultations explained

Small Radiographs £9.00 each if required
Large Radiographs £25.00 each if required
CT Scan Radiographs £75 if required

Dental Implant Fees

We offer an affordable way to have Dental Implants

Implant TypeFee FromFee Average
Single Implant£1250£1250
Single Implant with Ceramic Restoration£1850£1850
Two single implants (Pricing assumes same day procedures)£3500£3500
Three single implants (Pricing assumes same day procedures)£5100£5200
Two implants supporting small bridge (3 teeth)£4500£4650
Three implants supporting a large bridge (5 teeth)£6200£6550
Complete arch five or six implants)POA£POA
2 implants and a full lower denture£2400 + Denture£2400 + Denture
4 implants and a full lower denture£4400 + Denture£4400 + Denture
Sinus Lift (Small)£400£475
Sinus Lift (Medium) £800£875
Sinus Lift (Large/Extensive)£1200£1275
Bone Grafting/Augmentation at time of placing implant£250£300
Bone Grafting/Augmentation as a separate procedure£300£350
Collagen Membranefrom £200£200
All prices for Dental Implants include implant, abutment and tooth restoration. In cases involving Implant Retained Dentures the cost of the denture is extra but depending on the number of teeth from £500 to £1000 extra.

We believe in being transparent about costs so we charge £1850 for the implant, including the crown. If there is any additional charge, for example for a bone graft, then that will be billed as a separate item, and included in your treatment plan.

Home Whitening (Trays)

£225 Normally £275

Simple scale and Polish with the Dental Hygienist

£35 Normally £45

Available for regular patients who see the Hygienist every 3/4 months