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Bone Grafting/Augmentation in Milton Keynes

Our team at the practice offers bone grafting/augmentation in an ultra modern and safe environment.

In fact the benefits of Bone Augmentation are now so well known that almost all our extractions now involve bone grafting, and so we have built up a very experienced team and ALL the dentists in the practice are now trained to do bone grafting.

These are a relatively easy procedure when carried out by experience practitioners and our clinical team has a vast range of experience.

Basically we use artificial bone to promote the formation of real bone.

Charges for Bone Augmentation and Membrane

Bone Grafting/Augmentation at time of placing implant From £300 Average £350

Combination Bone Grafting/Augmentation and Membrane at time of placing implant From £400 Average £450

Bone Grafting/Augmentation as a separate procedure From £300 Average £350

Combination Bone Grafting/Augmentation and Membrane as a separate procedure From £400 Average £450

Guided Bone Regeneration

Guided bone regeneration (GBR) involves the use of a membrane that physically separates the osseous tissue from the soft tissue. Ridge augmentation is based on the principle that different cellular components in the tissue have varying rates of migration into a wound area during healing. By using a membrane as a mechanical barrier, fibroblasts and epithelial cells are excluded from the osseous tissue, so that only osseous cells are available to repopulate the healing area. There are several important elements to take into account when grafting a site, such as use of membranes, type of graft, space maintenance, suturing, flap release and design, site preparation, and post-operative medication.


Without a membrane, competing cells from the soft tissue may populate the treatment area and prevent osteogenesis. Barrier membranes used in guided bone regeneration procedures can be either resorbable or non-resorbable.

Non-resorbable membranes provide a long-term barrier effect but are subject to soft tissue opening and membrane exposure, which can lead to infection, early membrane removal, and compromised results. Resorbable membranes are less prone to soft tissue opening and becoming infected but some may not function as an intact barrier for extended periods of time.

The efficacy of the membrane technique to prevent graft resorption may be due to a combination of different factors, including:

1) Prevention of fibroblast mass action;

2) prevention of contact inhibition by heterotypic cell interaction;

3) exclusion of cell-derived soluble inhibitory factors; and

4) concentration, locally, of growth stimulatory factor.

We use only the very best artificial bone and tissue substitutes. We chose these because there lots of research papers showing great results.

Our Oral Surgery Team

All our dentists are trained to carry out most surgical procedures including Extractions and Bone Augmentation. Between them, they carry out several hundred Oral Surgery procedures a month including Bone Augmentation and grafting.

We offer an Oral Surgery service 7 Days A Week

Our Oral Surgery Team is lead by Dr Iyad Abou-Rabii and Dr David Gilmartin.

To make an appointment please ring 01908 690326 or email us on
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Dr Iyad Abou-Rabii
offers a full range of Oral Surgery and Implant treatments.

Iyad is an extremely experienced surgeon with and extensive experience in general dental surgery and Dental Implants.

Iyad has completed more than 2000 implants, and 1000's of minor oral surgery procedures (impacted teeth).

Iyad has published many articles in international Dental and Medical Journals